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Yoga at your place

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Yoga Ayurveda Meditation

at your place pace & time

for 4 people at $25 per person

Pain management, osteoporosis, bladder strengthening, sore eyes, poor sleep, sluggish digestion, bloating, dry skin, skin rashes, aching joints, mental fuzziness, sore back, shoulder and RSI stiffness, aching neck – all these plus more can be treated with a regular Yoga Ayurveda Meditation practise.

1.5 hour class includes, breathing, relaxation, stretching, strengthening and relaxing.

A yoga program designed to suit your body type, strengths and weaknesses.

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Create a private yoga space in the comfort of your home.

10 minutes of Yoga Ayurveda twice a day will change your life for the better.

yoga homeCommit to a 6 weeks trial and see if it Yoga Ayurveda Meditation is for you.

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