Sore back?

From my experience a sore lower back can be alleviated with Yoga Ayurveda combined with the breathing.

Aim to inhale when opening and exhale when closing the body.

IMG_6186Lying over the bolster connect with your breathing and increase the length of your exhalation with awareness of the pause between the breaths.

IMG_6188Stretching your arms above your head – up and down or rotating in a circle

Opening the ribsGravity or love holds us to the earth – and as we age the compression can create stiffness. Opening the ribs and stretching the body to accept the breath is a magical experience.

stretch forwardYoga practices need to be balanced – stretching forward with legs wide – armpits open and relaxing.

IMG_6193Stretching the side with the arm and counter stretch by pulling the buttock back onto the heal – yumm!

hareUpside down balance especially good for bringing oxygenated blood to the brain. Keep your eyes closed.

CobraCobra for the lower back  – move your shoulders down away from the ears.

backOpposite arm to the leg rises with the chest and head – keep the neck clear from scrunching –

inhale up and exhale down.

back openingsame as above but a little dark… oops

IMG_6200Cobra hands placed down lower

Zen yogaStart off with the legs wider than the mat – right hand at 3 o’clock and left hand at twelve – turn the feet under and lift the knees off the ground – and pick up the right hand and twist over to the left.

side stretchnice side stretch bring the body to the front of the kneeApanasanaBalance out your spine with some apanasana

TwistSave money on chiropractic bills and have a lovely side stretch to finish off.

Always rest for a minimum of 5-10 minutes after a yoga practice to settle the body and relieve any tiredness.

Keep warm – Autumn increases the vata in the body – and if you are a vata or have a lot of vata you could suffer with vata type symptoms.

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  1. I was in this class and highly recommend it…Zoe is an insightful teacher with many words of wisdom and gives sound advice on practicing yoga with an injured back. With only two of us students this is a highly personalised class.


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