Traditionally Yoga Ayurveda is taught in small class sizes from one to four students with the focus on the individual strengths and weaknesses.

Each person has his or her own individual requirements.

All equipment is supplied all you need to do is to just wear comfortable clothes.

Please refrain from eating two hours before

Traditionally Yoga Ayurveda & Meditation are practiced together. Both offer tools to bring your body back into a state of balanced health. Your sensitive balance can be tipped over just by the weather.

Learn to humbly accept gifts of health & beauty to integrate simply into your day

Individual consultation to determine your constitution

Bring balance to your body on a planet that is spinning & tilted

Develop a personalised Yoga program to suit your body strengths and weaknesses

The quality of your breath is the metronome of your life

Yoga is a not a “work out”  but rather a “work in”

Yoga combined with the breath becomes a meditation of movement

Feel refreshed, energised, clear and vibrant

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