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Initially I was attracted to an BKS Iyengar Yoga practice in India (of all places) in 1985. It was the physical stretching and opening sensations. I could feel the exercise, combined with the breathing, cleaning out my blood stream and any blockages in my joints I learnt what health felt like. I found Yoga was the best thing to clear out the effects of the night before. It was not long before I discovered the calming effects Yoga had on my mind. I began to understand the spiritual gifts of self-knowledge and balance. Experiencing balance became a reference point for me.

I joined my first Yoga class which was based on the teachings of BKS Iyengar shortly after when working in IT recruitment. I sat at a desk all day on the phone, with no fresh air, only air conditioning. Air-conditioning is no good for anyone and I found my  health was feeling compromised. Across the road in Pitt Street, Sydney CBD was the Vivant BKS Iyengar Yoga studio. It was at this peaceful studio in my lunch break that I learnt about the beautiful precision of Iyengar's teachings. The calming effect this one pointed concentration had on my mind and digestive system. It was here I had my first awareness on my breath and meditation. I remember the instructor saying to me “the answer is in the breath” – at the time I did not know what she meant, but now I do.

My father modelled healthy living and nutrition. Fortunately I followed his lead. My mother used to say “without health you have nothing”. I remember a logo from my childhood I would see as the train whisked by – “what you eat today, walks and talks tomorrow.”

Yoga and Ayurveda combined

Yoga and Ayurveda – The Science of Life are traditionally practiced together. What is the point of doing a Yoga practice yet not respecting my dosha ( body’s needs)? Ayurveda has naturally been incorporated into my healthy living. I need energy, health and vitality to do all those things in life I want to do.

Yoga on its own was not the full story. What is the point of going to a yoga class once or twice a week yet putting into my body toxins that would soon loose the effect of the cleansing yoga practice. Traditionally Yoga and Ayurveda are practised together. Yoga meaning union and Ayurveda the science of life. I loved how Ayurveda saw the kitchen cupboard as the medicine chest, it made sense being a computer geek, garbage in and garbage out. Everything we inject through the senses has an effect on the body.

I now understand the strengths and weaknesses of my Ayurveda dosha or body type which is Vata/Pita – predominantly air and ether. I have the knowledge to recognise any symptoms of imbalance. The seasons, travelling, diet, lifestyle, daily rhythms, ageing, lack of routine, cold foods, climate changes, stimulants etc. can all affect the body and mind of the vata dosha.

I consider myself an expert at treating the vata type derangement which is a common affliction in today’s world. Yoga and Ayurveda are my life pathway and these proven traditions have shown me how to maintain my good health. This ancient traditional knowledge is invaluable and has been passed down from over 5,000 years ago.



1985 – 1990 Iyengar Yoga student, Australia

1990 – 1992 Teacher training in Hatha Yoga, the Vedas and Buddhist Meditation.

2004 –  2005 Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy, level I, Australia

2005  – Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy, level II, India

2006 – Ayurveda Home remedies, India

2011 – Ayurveda Refresher, India

2016 – Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy, Australia

I am grateful to have met some inspiring and nurturing teachers on my journey towards the self  - Anne Sharpen, Lynda Glen, Sally Flynn, Annette Loudin and Janet from Vivant Iyengar Yoga

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