Weekend Retreat at Bondi Beach

Yoga retreat

A perfect healthy weekend get away to relax, stretch and breathe


beach 7

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Double room overlooking the beach with full length balcony
  • Walk out the door and onto the world famous Bondi beach
  • Start and end your day with a Yoga Ayurveda class that suits your individual needs
  • Learn to combine your breath with each movement
  • Yoga that is a meditation of movement
  • Ayurvedic breakfast


  • $350 1st person
  • 2nd person $300

OPTIONAL EXTRAS:  You can book any of these optional extras to enhance your stay or just relax on the beach and enjoy a weekend away in the city

  • AYURVEDA CONSULTATION to determine your dosha/digestive strengths & weaknesses (2 hours – $50.00 per person)
  • COOKING classes to demonstrate the simplicity of making nutritious meals that suits your bodies digestive system ($25 per person)
  • SHOPPING TRIP discover foods that enhance your digestive system to turn your kitchen cupboard into your medicine kit where food becomes medicine (1 hour – $25 per person)
  • PERSONALISED AYURVEDA FOOD PLAN learn to easily integrate Ayurveda into your daily life to maintain optimum health. Share your knowledge to help your family & loved ones ($25.00 per person)
  • PERSONALISED YOGA  PLAN develop an exercise Yoga program that suits your bodies strengths and weaknesses ($25 per person)

Note: Yoga practised without Ayurveda is only half the benefit


Yoga Ayurveda Bondi Retreat

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