If I hadn’t experienced for myself what you have written so beautifully about I probably would be sceptical. But my experience of using the yoga postures and breathing has been sooooooooooo good for me. I promised I would do my practice everyday which I did for 2 weeks, and not for a week, due to a change in routine and not taking my yoga mat with me. Not doing it for a week has clearly shown me how much I need the practise for my physical and emotional wellbeing. I am forever humbled by Zoe’s skill and care in guiding me in my practise and am on my mat again! But really i will breathe well wherever I go now I am becoming more aware.

Joanne Colquhoun

Child Care Coordinator


I have found Zoe to be sensitive to all my yoga needs. She is very analytical and able to give the correct yoga exercises for all ailments. Zoe has got me doing all yoga exercises with my very tight body frame in a very relaxed manner. Zoe is a very good teacher and certainly her yoga classes are full of fun. Her natural enthusiasm makes it a pleasure to be taught yoga. Zoe has been teaching me yoga for approximately 5 years and has turned a stiff old man into a relative flexible young man, her natural enthusiasm makes it an absolute pleasure to be taught yoga.


Zoe is a friendly, helpful and skilled person in many fields.

I very much enjoyed her restorative and rejuvenating yoga sessions followed by excellent food combined with knowledgeable yoga philosophy.

In regards to her other activities, Zoe was very helpful with continuing my outpatient acupuncture clinic there in many ways. Firstly by facilitating the space in a friendly and professional manner and secondly by assisting with the design, promotion and dissemination of promotion materials on the internet and in physical form.

I have always found Zoe to be a friendly, supportive, professional and helpful. I respect her knowledge with Eastern philosophy and admire her many talents with computers and the internet.

Further more Zoe is a delight to be around and I enjoy working with her. I would not hesitate to recommend her abilities and skills and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information

Yours faithfully,


B. Hlth Sc Traditional Chinese Medicine (UTS)
Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing)
Dip. Natural Health, Yoga (NCC)

Founder and Co-ordinator: The Bondi Beach Affordable Acupuncture Clinic 0434018496

I have known Zoe Campbell both personally and professionally for the past 35 years.

Personally she has been a loyal, supportive and spiritual friend in times of need.

Professionally we have worked together on various projects from computer training, health and well-being involving meditation, yoga and remedial massage. She has a wealth of knowledge combined with formal qualifications in various modalities including education as you may well know and respect.

Her assistance in providing me and my staff with administration and service user issues in the past was priceless.

Zoe has a very strong work ethic and excellent communication skills. I would not hesitate in recommending her  both personally and professionally.


(Dip. Event Management)

Zoe has bought so many people together through her exhaustive networking and generosity of  time, expertise and of course  big heart. I have personally seen Zoe with members of the community, helping with marketing, designing and working with them to get an event up and running, as well as greeting them as they came by the op shop, it didn’t matter if they were business people or those a bit down on their luck – Zoe didn’t judge them, she just offered  friendly and genuine support.  I have seen Zoe work with the disabled and with members of the public, helping with any IT issues they had.  Zoe has been of great assistance to me personally, from counselling to mentoring and advising me re: computer and health related issues.

Kind regards

Natural Therapist/Business Owner

I feel Zoe Campbell’s teaching experience is varied and practically based. Its not a “chalk and talk” style but a “watch first and practise” approach.
I teach as well and I see Zoe has compassion for the learner and a feel for how to make the study applicable and useful to each of her students.
She focuses on them, not on her personal needs and achieves outcomes through their energy and motivation.
Basically it is refined teaching with kindness and attention to the learners style of taking new things in.
Port Macquarie nsw 2444

I have known Zoe for many years and have always greatly enjoyed being in her
company. She is a warm, interested and friendly being. She is energetic,
enquiring and always ready to help. As a friend, she has my trust, respect
and affection.

On the 30th December 2013 I sustained a very serious injury to my foot and
when I finally returned home after a long stay in hospital, Zoe offered to
come by my home and help me with some remedial yoga. I already have an
exercise routine that I do daily but she showed me some yoga moves that
really complimented what I was doing. What I found particularly useful was
Zoe’s combining of Ayurveda yoga with Buddhist meditation. She emphasized
the importance of the breath in my movements and different postures. i.e. when
to exhale and inhale and the duration of breaths for different postures. She
also reminded me about calming my mind. She took a holistic approach to what
I could do to help my body recover from the trauma of the accident and for
that I am very grateful.

I am very happy to be contacted as a personal reference for Zoe and wish her
every success. She has a wonderful mix of personal warmth with high levels
of professional achievement and versatility in her chosen areas of interest
within the world of yoga and computer-related sciences and arts.

Company Director and Investor


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