Private Yoga Ayurveda therapy

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One-on-one private Yoga therapy practice

At Bondi Yoga Therapy we provide private one-one Yoga Ayurveda therapy practice, taught the traditional way one-on-one. We will come to you and assist you to create a private place in your home where you can retreat inwards for your practice. Our teachers are highly skilled and experienced. Additionally they have many years of knowledge how to incorporate yoga and Ayurveda into daily life. Our aim is to show you how to bring balance to your life amid this frenetic world.

We work with the busy people one-on-one designing a personalised practice. Perhaps they may be lacking in time and energy, or experience health limitations.  Likewise they may be in the corporate world, working a job that is sapping their energy, a holidaymaker, frazzled mom, dad or menopausal woman. A group class is not suitable for people with unique needs. Additionally everyone can benefit from Yoga Ayurveda Therapy no matter their age or state of health.

Combine Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda combined for best results

We instruct people to learn to understand their dosha and what your body type best needs via Ayurveda which translates as the science of life.  This knowledge is a great starting point to become aware of what is put into the senses.  Yoga will soon become a natural part of living in a healthy and sustainable way. Additionally yoga can become a part of daily life. Whether sitting, standing, breathing or lying down we can become aware of our body needs. A one-on-one Yoga Ayurveda therapy practice fits around your time schedule. It is specific to each persons needs. If you would like to learn more about your unique constitution or body type via Ayurveda click here. 

Your private one-on-one Yoga Ayurveda Therapy practice covers

A regular Yoga therapy practice provides each person with the skills to practice yoga on a regular basis with our without a teacher. Our aim is to inspire, motivate and empower you with this knowledge.

With each client we help to create a space that becomes a sanctuary to nurture and soothe the body and mind. A short practice at the end and beginning of each day helps to connect with the body and mind. With this knowledge you can easily ward off any illnesses and become more aware of your bodies movements assisting to prevent injuries.

A yoga Ayurveda therapy one-on-one practice includes breathing (pranayama) exercises (asanas) to suit your bodies needs, and mindfulness (meditation) practices specifically to suit each persons unique needs and current lifestyle challenges. There is the option for you to learn how knowledge of Ayurveda can improve your life. More..

PRICES – One-on-one private Yoga Ayurveda Therapy in the home

1 hour – $125

1.5 hours $175

6 x 1 hour $700 package (valid for 12 months)

6 x 1.5 hours $850 package (valid for 12 months)

  • Note – 15% surcharge applies for travel outside of 10k from Bondi  and 30 % surcharge applies for travel longer than 30 mins 

Read about our therapists 30+ years of experience of how Yoga Ayurveda has helped to thrive in a corporate world.

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