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Yoga and pubs 

I remember when there used to be a pub on what seemed like every corner. When I started my yoga life in India 30+ years ago there was not a lot of awareness of yoga and some would even make a “joke” and call it yoghurt. Now there is almost a yoga teacher on every […]


The Autodidactic Polymath Being autodidactic and a polymath are sort of frowned upon in our ultra-specialized school-taught society. Personally I believe that true autodidactic polymaths are essential to modern society. People who can claim to be experts in many fields can often see connections between subjects that are not usually connected and being self-taught often […]

Driven to distraction 

Mindfulness: how not to be driven to distraction in this modern world Monash University Posted by Monash University  11 AUG 2015 Drs Craig Hassed and Richard Chambers of Monash University are lead educators on the free online course, “Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance.” Here, they discuss what mindfulness is and how it can help […]

What Is Amaranth Good For?

Amaranth Advantage Botanical name: Amaranthus Cultivated by the Aztecs 8,000 years ago and still a native crop in Peru, the ancient history of amaranth can be traced to Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula. Today, it’s grown in Africa, India, China, Russia, throughout South America, and emerging once again in North America. Somewhat of an unknown quantity to […]