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Yoga Ayurveda Therapy

 Yoga Ayurveda Therapy


A Yoga Ayurveda Therapy program is tailored to suit your individual needs. Depending on your lifestyle the practice may be 15 minutes in the morning, evening or both. Bringing yoga ayurveda awareness into your daily life can benefit everyone.

Traditionally Yoga & Ayurveda compliment each other and are practiced together focusing on your individual constitutions and any imbalances. What we put into our body via your senses – mouth, ears, nose, eyes, skin & mind, effects the balance of our health. Ayurveda – the ancient science of life –  is the basis from which many other alternative therapies have sprung. Benefits of a program include:-

  • Empowering yourself with knowledge to develop a state of balanced health
  • Experiencing the wonders of Yoga in the safety and comfort of your home
  • Personalised sessions, obtain the best results & rewards for your body, mind and lifestyle
  • Learning at your own place and pace without the distractions of a group
  • The ongoing support of a Yoga Therapist who knows your body
  • Increasing your intake of breath / life – all  asanas are coordinated with the breathing
  • Uncovering the hidden cause behind physical and psychological pain
  • Learning your constitutional requirements and the ancient secrets of health and beauty
  • Discovering how to take care of yourself the natural way you will
    • become fitter,
    • relieve stress,
    • improve your memory,
    • promote natural pain relief,
    • become more flexible and mobile
  • Learning simple cooking methods
  • Learning about your digestion strengths / or weaknesses
    • what to eat,
    • what to avoid,
    • what is the right body work for you,
    • which are the most suitable meditation techniques for you.


The Yoga Ayurveda Therapy

e-program consists of:-

  • 1 hour consultation
  • 1 hour physical assessment
  • 1 hour instruction of the program
  • The program can be supplied in print and digital format

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