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Yoga Ayurveda Pranayama Beginnings

YOGA & AYURVEDA compliment each other and are meant to be used in conjunction for a balanced and healthy body and mind. I specialise in offering Yoga as a therapy for people recovering from physical or mental illness and disabilities, operations or with accidental damage to their bodies thus requiring one to one unique instruction. Yoga has been my passion for over 30 years. I have teaching experience with:-  children in schools including those with special needs, TAFE staff and students, corporate yoga, private studios, gym members, remedial yoga and for private clients. I have trained in yoga both in Australia and India

My History of Teaching

2016- 2017                Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy  – Enlightened events, Sydney

2009-2018                Remedial Yoga Ayurveda, Pranayama & Mediation – Private Yoga Ayurveda – Self employed, Sydney

2007-2009                Health & Wellbeing radio show host & interviewer – Two way FM, Mid North Coast

2000-2009                Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation for adults & children – Sancrox Yoga Ayurveda – own studio, Mid Nth Coast

2006                            Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation – Girl Guides, Port Macquarie

2006-2007                 Yoga Ayurveda as a Therapy Level 2 – Svastha Yoga Ayurveda, India

2004 – 5                       Yoga Ayurveda as a Therapy Level I – Svastha Yoga Ayurveda, Sydney

2002-2009                 Yoga, Pranayama & meditation for staff – North Coast Institute of TAFE

2000-2003                 Yoga, Pranayama & meditation for staff – Hastings Council, Port Macquarie

1999-2003                   Yoga Pranayama & Meditation classes for members – Five Star Fitness Gym, Port Macquarie (weekly class)

2002 – 2004                Yoga, Pranayama & Guided Meditations (year 10 sport) – Regional High School, Port Macquarie

1999-2003                   Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation classes for adults – Community Education, Camden Haven

1999-2001                    Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation classes for aults – Southern Cross University, Port Macquarie

1998-1999                     Corporate workplace Yoga, Pranayama & meditation – Computer Associates, Sydney (weekly class)

1998-1999                     Yoga classes – BodyMind – Eastern Suburbs, Sydney (relief teaching)

1990                                Yoga Teacher Training with Anne Sharpen (co founder of IYTA) Triad Yoga School – Aranya Order


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