Yoga is a science, a philosophy of life, a code of conduct, an attitude and an approach, as well as an art of living.

By practicing Yoga you enhance your physical well-being, mental peace, harmony, moral elevation and become spiritually uplifted.

back bends boys

When many students first come to yoga they feel disconnected from their body and sense a lack of coordination and flexibility. It is difficult for them to follow the instructions from the teacher, but in time the bridge between the mind and body is connected.

Yoga is a personal journey of the body and mind that requires detail, and patience. By witnessing, surrendering and encouraging the body-mind begins to open.

Using the breath as the tool students begin to release and let go of muscular tension that has acted as protective armour for all of their lives.  With a softening of the body armour they automatically access the clarity of their hearts and daily interaction with the world becomes healthier and more enriched.


As students regularly practice yoga, it permeates their daily life and they feel the benefits of balanced health and wellbeing which becomes the gauge to re balance oneself.




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