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Yoga Ayurveda Therapy e-program for Parkinson’s condition

A Yoga Ayurveda Therapy e-program designed to address both the physical and psychological stress of a woman in her early sixties, who has Parkinson’s and suffers from stiffness & other related issues. There are images, videos, text and reviews in the book, plus an explanation from the sufferer of how Yoga Ayurveda Therapy helps her. … Continue reading Yoga Ayurveda Therapy e-program for Parkinson’s condition

Yoga and Ayurveda together are complete

Yoga and Ayurveda together are India’s traditional, natural system of health and medicine, and have been practiced for more than 5,000 years. Traditionally Yoga - the Union between the mind and the body with Ayurveda  - the science of life are practiced together one-on-one with a practitioner who knows your strengths and weaknesses.  Yoga is a … Continue reading Yoga and Ayurveda together are complete

Jim Carrey I love you

Just love love the wisdom being spread around Actor Jim Carrey wishes more people could realize "all their dreams and wealth and fame," just so they "could see that it’s not where they’re gonna find their sense of completion." https://youtu.be/4AOQgrNKLWM Carrey told this to graduates last weekend at the commencement ceremony for Maharishi University of … Continue reading Jim Carrey I love you

Bondi Yoga Ayurveda Therapy

A personalised Yoga Ayurveda Therapy Program can empower you with simple tools that can bring you back into a state of balanced health and vitality. An individuated  program entails 3 face to face meetings. A 1.5 hour consultation, followed up with a 1 hour physical assessment, research and a daily practice training and recommendations with … Continue reading Bondi Yoga Ayurveda Therapy

How & Why Meditation?

There are so many ways we can connect with our inner selves or meditate. Some people prefer sitting still for 30 minutes a day and witnessing their thoughts and mental chatter -or joining a retreat and sit for 10 days - or focusing on the body sensations - or letting the thoughts go with the … Continue reading How & Why Meditation?

Going backwards by banning Yoga from schools

How can Yoga for kids be harmful? Yoga creates flexibility of body and mind - flexible and strong like the willow tree - open gracious and giving. Or brittle closed and fearful - what do you want your kids to be? Read this article and let me know what you think! A recent controversy has … Continue reading Going backwards by banning Yoga from schools