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Individual differences


The Dosha’s

One’s sense of well-being reflects the inner state of health. Good health is the maintenance of one’s unique combination of the Dosha’s:- the balanced condition of the Agni (digestive fire); of the seven body tissues;  the three water systems (urine, sweat & feces); as well as a balance in the mind, senses and consciousness. It is equally important to ones well-being to have love, happiness and clarity in daily living.

Doshic imbalance governs internal biochemical changes that will eventually lead to either high or low metabolism.



Pita dosha governs all physical and bio chemical changes that take place within the body. Through this process foodstuffs are transformed into energy, heat and vitality.

Pita performs these functions throughout one’s life but is especially prominent during the adult years. All the activities of Pita depend upon the  “digestive fire or Agni”. Poor Agni means poor health.

Wrong diet such as hot spicy foods, wrong lifestyle such as living in a hot climate and repressed emotions can alter the normal functions of Pita.



Anabolism is the process of building up the body. It is the repair, growth and creation of new cells. This process is managed by Kapha and is most active in the baby-child and teen years. Kapha dosha can be disturbed by excessive intake of dairy, cold and oily foods.

Sand writing - HEALTH
The word HEALTH written in sand next to the shore


Catabolism is the destructive, but necessary stage of metabolism. Larger molecules are broken into smaller ones. This molecular death is governed by Vata dosha and is most active in old age. Repeated intake of Vata provoking food, such as salads and popcorn, and over-exercising can escalate Vata and disturb health.

Pita, Vata and Kapha are simply affected by what we put into our senses. Even the weather and time of day and season has an affect.

The planet is spinning and tilted, balance is the quest of life.

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