Ayurvedic remedies for Hormonal Imbalances

Unbalanced Hormones can create menstrual problems, acne, swollen glands plus more



Take one tablespoonful of aloe vera gel with two pinches of black pepper orally three times a day until cramps disappear. Aloe vera is a good blood purifier and in this way benefits the liver.


Apply turmeric and sandalwood powder paste externally using half a teaspoonful of each and adding sufficient water to make a paste. One may also take a half cupful of aloe vera juice internally two times per day until acne clears. Pita is often associated with Acne – eat a Pita pacifying diet to cool the digestive system which in turn will cool the blood and the results will be clearer skin. Drinking water each morning is another way to keep the skin clear.


Gargle with hot water mixed with one-fourth teaspoonful of turmeric powder and a pinch of salt. Echinacea tincture, 10-30 drops every few hours, is excellent for sever sore throat. Yoga shoulder stands and inverted postures. Drink lots of water and keep a scarf around your neck. Hot lemon juice every morning (for Vata and Kapha is great to prevent sore throats). For the Pita you need to slow down and rest as a sore throat is an indication of impending ill health.


Boil one teaspoonful of ginger powder in one quart of water and inhale the steam. Eucalyptus leaves boiled in the same way are also excellent for the relief of colds. Eucalyptus oil applied to the sides of the nose will help to relived congestion. Keep the body warm.


Fresh coriander juice has anti-pitta properties and is used to help purify the blood.

Prepare a tea from the seeds and pour hot water over a strainer in the water to make an infusion. It is also useful for gas and nausea.

Turmeric is also good blood purifier and can be added to high-protein food to assist digestion and prevent the formation of gas.


 Ayurveda and Yoga combined has excellent results for treating Hormonal imbalances.

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