Kapha Breakfast ideas

Kapha Breakfast ideas

 Summer day

Fresh fruit or crispy granola

Goat or soy milk with cardamom


Autumn day

Fresh fruit

Barley breakfast brew or puffed millet or cream of rye

Caffix or hot ginger tea


Winter day

Herbed millet or hot corn cereal or hot amaranth cereal]

Hot ginger tea #2, Lotus root tea, soothing chai, hot soy milk or bansha


Spring day

Fresh fruit salad or cream of rye,millet, or barley cereal

Hot ginger tea #2 or bansha tea with ginger


Quick day

Fresh fruit

Oat bran muffin

Apple/berry smoothie



Breakfast rice or puffed oats or scrambled tofu


Weekend day

Buckwheat pancakes with blueberries, honey and ghee


On the road

Granola or other kapha cold cereal (bring it with you)

Goat or soy milk (bring it with you)

 Yoga Ayurveda Bondi

Yoga Ayurveda Bondi

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