Personalised Yoga Ayurveda retreats Bondi

A weekend of


in my Yogic home at Bondi Beach

Live the Ayurvedic way
Yoga, meditation & wholesome food
Listening to the sounds of the sea
Stroll on the beach
Learn to balance your health Ayurveda cooking classes
Ancient Secrets of Health & Beauty
Insights into the Science of Life
Digestive balance
Stretch Breathe Relax

For more information contact Zoe at

Yoga Ayurveda Retret


  1. Please can you provide me with details on any meditation sessions on this coming Saturday in Bondi. Thank you

    0404 053 629


    1. Dear Belinda
      I teach Yoga Ayurveda which is a meditation of movement – also Pranayama which is breathing meditation techniques & yoga nidra which is a guided meditation – I have a yoga ayurveda meditation class on at 4pm this Saturday it goes for 1.5 hours. You will experience deep relaxation – stretches linked with the breath which is a meditation. Let me know if you would like to attend – I have two people booked in and only take there mac so I can give personalised service – this is the traditional way which brings ultimate benefits – cheers zoe


    1. Hi Cynthia – the Yoga is on 6pm Wednesdays in Ramsgate ave, North Bondi – if you give me your phone number I can text you the address -I have the mats so you don’t need to bring anything but yourself. The class sizes are small and personalised – Have you done any yoga before?
      Students are welcome to stay on for an Ayurvedic light meal – afterwards.


  2. Hi Zoe
    This is smooth and professional. Wow what a slick production with the side youtubes and related smorgasbord of treats. Well done.


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