Yoga Therapy Seniors 40+ class Bondi

Yoga Therapy Seniors class

A Yoga class to suit those who feel left out of Yoga.  There are many who attend a group class, look around the room and feel too old or too this or not enough of that. Our new Yoga Therapy Seniors 40+ class starts in North Bondi at Dharma Shala on 4th February 12 noon. Likewise there is no denying the many benefits of Yoga can give us.  How luxurious it is to lie on the floor, connect with your body, soothe your mind and improve the quality of your life.  We all see the benefits of Yoga in those celebrities throughout the world. Read our article the 7 benefits of Yoga for Seniors here. 

Yoga benefits seniors

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What a delight to see today how popular Yoga is. Many young people recognise the benefits of bringing Yoga into their lives. Even if it is only to look and feel better.  Eventually for some, Yoga penetrates deep inside and they become better people as a result. I am sure the world is a better place as the consciousness raises. Have you noticed how easy it is easy to spot a Yogi? Often they look great, with excellent posture, glowing skin plus they seem to achieve a lot in life. Most yogis appear more youthful than their years and their attitude to life is tempered with an open heart.

Gentle yoga for seniors

How Yoga improves Seniors lives

Why don't you have a listen here to one of my favourite Yogi's Patsy.  She has been practising Yoga for over 50 years and is having her 90th birthday in March 2020 a Pisces! Also if you will be amazed hearing Patsy's yogic lifestyle, how this ancient practice has held her upright throughout the years. Additionally yoga has provided Patsy with the strength of character, mind and body. Bless people like Patsy who take responsibility for their health to  look after themselves.  This she does by attending a regular yoga class and that is why we have started Yoga Therapy seniors class at Dharma Shala in Bondi.

“a good attitude with gratitude plus volunteering to help others has come from the awareness I developed in Yoga - this has given me a strong spine and character".

Patsy was born in 1930 and has been practising #Yoga for 50 years. For more than half of her life, yoga has helped Patsy live graciously through life’s transitions. She is a great model of excellent #health.  Likewise as a result of her Yogic lifestyle Patsy is more aware of her #body and #mind.  Additionally this includes what she ingests through her senses (eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin). Living a life that is made of natural foods and preservative free with plenty of water enhances the immune system. You will always see Patsy with a water bottle in hand. In the video Patsy says her excellent health is attributable to  “a good attitude with gratitude - plus volunteering to help others." This she says has come from the self-awareness developed from in her Yoga practice. When your with Patsy you can see her strong spine and character. Every time I catch up with Patsy in the city, she meets me with her joggers on. Flat stable shoes encourage free movement and alleviate any risk of falls as we age.

yoga improves seniors lives

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Gentle Yoga for 40+ Seniors a first in Bondi

Can you imagine life with a Yoga studio on every corner filled with conscious, mindful and caring people?  What a bonus to humanity that would be. A yoga studio has to be better for society than a noisy crowded room filled with intoxicated people blocked off from their feelings. Having lunch with a bunch of Yogis after a class is often based on the "after effects of the meal." Contemplating how will I feel after I eat that? Will the food sit heavy in my stomach or will it digest too quickly? Where is this food from, is it natural or has it been laced with preservatives and chemicals?

Developing awareness of the connection between the mind and body is one of the ultimate benefits derived from practicing Yoga on a regular basis. At the same time we soon recognise any niggling sensations that might trouble us. These could be just under the surface of our consciousness. Often we can fix them with a Yoga practice. An inversion is a great way to round up those germ fighting soldiers. Have you noticed that Yogis rarely get sick?

gentle yoga for seniors

Why start a Yoga Therapy for Seniors 40+ class in Bondi?

Learn to integrate Yoga and Ayurveda therapy into your daily life. Living a healthy lifestyle connecting with your true nature, the environment and your community makes life more interesting. Being present to your inner self by developing mindfulness not only benefits you, but those around you. As a result you will have the energy to follow your dreams and visions. Your life will become more fulfilling and there will be positive change. Ongoing illness and inability to move freely is limiting and soon leads to depression and feeling stuck.

Many Yoga classes today are focused on Vinyasa's, which are a fast flow of movements. In my opinion this is not suitable for many people 40+ years of age. Those fast jumping movements are OK for the young.  Similarly,  I hear stories of people eventually hurting themselves. This can be due to a lack of connection to the body and pushing beyond their limits. It is for this reason we are starting a Yoga Seniors 40+ class at Dharma Shala in Bondi.

Yoga Ayurveda Seniors class

In this class Zoe uses the tools of Ayurveda. Ayurveda states disease comes in six stages. By practising Yoga combined with Ayurveda,  you will soon develop a sense of the onset of illness at level one. Perhaps a scratchy throat or a new ache or pain. Therefore this gives us the opportunity to implement a natural cure. Which is often simply in our kitchen cupboard via our food, drink or simply taking a rest. To me this equates to self love.  The true purpose of life and one of the hardest lessons to learn. Moreover you can model this self care to the younger generations.

Combining Yoga and Ayurveda is a complete practice - as traditionally taught.

About Zoe Campbell Yoga Ayurveda Therapist

Zoe lives Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy lifestyle, and she has been studying these practices since 1984 in Australia and India.  She is 64 this year and is grateful to have lived a healthy life.  Zoe Bondi Yoga TherapistCombining Yoga and Ayurveda is a complete practice as traditionally taught.  Transitioning through life's experiences can be a challenge without a nourishing practice.  "Yoga is for every one – but sadly there are too few students older than 40 in contemporary studios. I love inclusion. I am a mother, a hi-tech yogi and business owner. I will teach you how to transition through your busy life." says Zoe.

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Yoga Ayurveda therapy e-programs

Yoga Therapy for arthritis bursitis and ageing

Have we convinced you that coming along to our Yoga Seniors 40+ class in Bondi will improve the quality of your life? If not have read of our  blog about the 7 benefits Yoga Seniors and why we all need a healthy practice in life.

There are so many things to challenge our peace of mind and body. For instance the recent fires that have raged throughout Australia, the floods and now the plague of the 'wu flu',  or you might struggle from technology overuse on a daily basis. In short yoga can provide help to navigate life's transitions. Likewise yoga offers many benefits as well as ways to digitally detox and bring more balance into your life. 

Yoga Therapy for Parkinson's

Zoe provides Yoga for all types of people including those with Special needs, as well as private one-on-one classes. Our Yoga Ayurveda e-programs specifically designed for each person. Some of these programs can be found here  Yoga Ayurveda Therapy for ageing – arthritis and bursitis here. The books are available for download on iTunes and Amazon and include video demonstrations, instructions, written benefits and testimonials. Other books available are on “Yoga Therapy for Sports Injuries, “Yoga Therapy for Women’s Health” and “Yoga Ayurveda Therapy for Parkinson’s condition” available here.

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