Ayurveda complimentary food 

The 6 food tastes all have a different effect on your digestion – sweet sour salty  bitter pinger & astringent.

Each individual has their own digestive power that can either easily digest, digest too quickly  or be blocked up by certain types of foods and their after taste.

If your digestive fire is too strong you may not be receiving the nutrients from the food you eat.

Therefore doesn’t it makes sense to eat foods that you can digest? The same applies to each of your senses even digestable movies and friends!

 Too fast a digestive fire or too slow is worth understanding about yourself – to prevent a build up of toxins that eventually lead on to dis ease and travel through your organs into your brain or nervous system etc

The same can be said of eating foods that your system can not digest easily -they remain blocked up in your digestive track creating rancid and putrid toxins that can travel to your brain and extremities.

Yoga connects the mind to the body so we can sense what is going on in our internal body. Food is medicine – what you put in effects your whole system ( just like petrol in a car )

Today many people are so disassociated from their body – heart – and mind so they all work independently – and they have to ask an outsider ( Dr ) if they can advise them what is happening with their health. 

The side effects of medication are often worse than the dis ease in the body – why not become aware of the source of the suffering by being conscious of the before and after effects of your food?

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