Aloe is an entire medicine chest in itself. Relative to yoga practice, it is excellent for cleansing plasma, skin, bloom and the liver, all the main physical and pranic systems. It has rejuvenate effects for the female reproductive system as well. (David Frawley)

Learn ancient secrets of Health and Beauty with Yoga Ayurveda & Meditation. All the money in the world can not buy your health. You do need to make an effort to keep your car regularly serviced – the body is the same – learn a practise that can greatly enhance the quality of your life. Most other therapies take just a snippet from the 8 limbs of Yoga to offer you a treatment – why not keep it simple and just learn the source?
Wednesdays 6pm WOMEN only Yoga in North Bondi with Zoe

Bookings only Ph: 0407 956071

aloe vera


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