All it takes is willingness for life to be different – one step at time towards learning how to maintain your health. In a world that is spinning and tilted it is easy to lose our balance towards health. A personalised Yoga Therapy Program can empower you with simple tools to bring you back into a state of balanced health and vitality.

As a Yoga Therapist I work intuitively, intelligently and experientially with clients who are living with the many dis-eases of modern society including injury,  chronic illnesses, addictions and stress – utilising the ancient tools of Yoga & Ayurveda.  

A group yoga class where all students are doing the same asanas may not suit everyone and some people could benefit with an individualised program designed to bring them back to a balanced state. 

Zoe Campbell – Yoga Therapist

What does a Yoga Therapist do ?

My training and experience in Yoga Ayurveda in Australia and India (since 1986) has taught me to design  personalised yoga therapy programs for all ages based on a consultation, constitution, lifestyle, observation and research to provide relief of symptoms.

A one-on-one consultation explores your life challenges, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will be taught and given a manageable everyday practice (with follow up monitoring, performance and tweaking) that addresses your daily rhythms, breathing, lifestyle, energy levels, peace of mind and sensory intake.

What I can help with

“PTSD Trauma, compulsive behaviours & addictions, pain management, restless legs, pre & post surgery, injuries, chronic illnesses, fertility, ageing, osteoporosis, bladder & bowels, dry eyes, insomnia, sluggish digestion, bloating, dry skin, skin rashes & acne, mental fog, menopausal quirks, repetitive strain injuries, technology strain, sore back, shoulders & neck pain, + plus..” Zoe Campbell


I have extensive experience in the computer industry working in the special needs areas of mental health, compulsive disorders & trauma survivors.

Call me – Zoe –  today for more information on how a Bondi Yoga Therapy program can help you.

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Ancient art of Yoga

The ancient art of Yoga Ayurveda balances and enhances the quality of life

Yoga is the art of taking control of your own physical and mental well being. Yoga is a relaxed system of body movements, performed slowly, with free flowing breath and a quiet mind. In practising yoga we develop an awareness of the connection between the body, mind and breath.  Postures have been scientifically designed to relax, stretch and open the body whilst oxygenating the blood circulation, nourishing every cell and calming the mind. Optimum health and vitality and physical and emotional peace, can be achieved from a regular yoga practise.

Yoga invites you on an inner journey of self-discovery where you develop a balanced sense of self through listening to the messages of your body. This heightened awareness is the key to good health both physically and mentally.

Just 10-15 minutes a day of Yoga Ayurveda can provided you with…

Good health
Relief from stress and anxiety
Flexibility and strength
Rejuvenation of the physical, emotional and mental body
Relief from tired and aching muscles and joints
Weight loss and general toning of the body
A sense of balance, poise and grace

 “It is when you have no time to stretch, that you need it most”

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Yoga Ayurveda Meditation


  • Traditionally Yoga & Ayurveda are practiced together focusing on an individuals strengths and weaknesses
  • Do you know what you put into your body via your senses – mouth, ears, nose, eyes, skin & mind, effects  your health?
  • The ancient science of life – Ayurveda is the base from which many other alternative therapies have sprung – by learning the traditional source wisdom of Ayurveda you will empower yourself with knowledge to heal and maintain a state of good health for yourself and loved ones on a daily basis with no ongoing costs


What I can do for you

  • I will help you to diagnose your Dosha and balance out any imbalances
  • I will guide you how to live in a state of balance and health
  • I will design an individual program of yoga Ayurveda to simply bring into your life on a daily basis
  • I will guide and support you to set up a daily practice of yoga Ayurveda so you can practice at your own pace and time
  • I will teach you how to cook meals that suit your digestive system


 Optimal health and well-being, integrate yoga into your daily routine and learn to listen and respond to your body with love and respect. The ancient yogis say that 10 minutes twice a day is better for you than 1.5 hours once a week. Learn how you can blend Yoga into your life without too much effort and reap the benefits.

To give is to receive and I believe it is wise to share your knowledge with those who have the fortunate disposition to be honest, open and willing to receive.

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 Contact:  sovannayoga@gmail.com



Using food as medicine – doesn’t it make sense?

What you put into your body has a direct effect on its running.

Food can affect your emotions, your stamina and your behavior.

Why combine the Ayurvedic diet and daily practises with Yoga?

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Diet affects health and welbeing

According to the most ancient and venerated textbook of Ayurveda the Charaka Samhita, “the distinction between health and disease arises as the result of the difference between wholesome and unwholesome diet…..

Disease is the result of faulty nutrition” Along similar lines, perhaps, Western medical opinion is slowly shifting and beginning to recognise diet as a risk factor in many diseases. Diet can be used to optimise health and well-being in the positive sense.

Ayurveda makes no distinction between food and medicine – they are considered one category, not two. The foods taste is not mere decoration, but have nutritional meaning.

Individual Differences

Different people respond differently to the same foods, and conversely different foods suit different people. For instance an egg can be good for one person and a searing time bomb to another; Western nutrition has not yet paid much attention. Everyone it tends to say should take only x grams of fat or at least y grams of protein (with few medical exceptions) by contrast Ayurveda systematically analyses why the food that benefits one person can harm another.


Western Medicine

As important as what one eats is how one digests it. A patient complaining that his digestion is sluggish or weak would not be a candidate for Western treatment; medical training prepares us only to treat fully formed diseases such as cancer, ulcers or colitis. Yet Ayurveda holds that sluggish or weak digestion is a significant pathogenic factor, and that an optimal diet would be not only useless, but even harmful, if it were not properly digested.


Ayurveda recommends a purifying diet as toxins have accumulated in the digestive tract due to lifestyle and eating habits.

 To understand how this can help is to think of the digestion as a furnace. Throwing too much fuel on the fire snuffs it out. This is what happens when one eats foods that are too heavy, eats foods at the wrong time, or eats before one has completely digested previous meal. The digestion gets overwhelmed and instead of getting processed correctly the food putrefies and creates impurities that collect in the body, weigh it down and cause disease.

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Agni – Toxins

When the Agni (digestive fire) is burning strongly, the digestive fire not only digests food completely, preventing ama from being formed but it is said to burn off the toxins that have already accumulated.  It is important to note that, when not weighed down by too much food or the wrong kinds of food, the body removes ama with its own self-cleaning mechanisms. It naturally eliminates impurities through the bowels, bladder and skin. It even has mechanisms to dissolve clots in the legs or plaque in the arteries. Research has shown that blockages in the arteries can be removed through a program of meditation, diet, exercise and healthier lifestyle.

Daily Oil Massage – Abhyanga

A daily oil massage has profound health benefits. It promotes softness and lustre of the skin, lubricates the muscles, tissues and joints and increases their flexibility. Moreover stimulating the tissues in the body it is said to help keep impurities from accumulating in the system; further making one strong and least affected by old age and more able to handle strenuous work and accidental injuries.

Modern medicine is beginning to recognise that the skin is not just a barrier but is also a major immunologic and hormonal organ.


Sesame Oil the Boone to Humanity

Preliminary research on sesame oil is emerging. Those who practise it daily have significantly less bacterial infection on their skin. This may have to do with the major component of sesame oil, linoleic acid, which makes up 40% of the oil. Linoleic acid is known to inhibit the growth of certain bacterium especially pathogenic bacteria. Linoleic acid also is a power anti inflammatory agent; some researchers have compared its potency to indomethacin (non steroidal anti inflammatory drug commonly used to reduce fever, pain, stiffness and swelling).

 Abhyanga massage helps with joint problems. Finally, linoleic acid appears to be anticarcinogen, sesame oil has been shown to inhibit vitro malignant melanoma and human colon adenocarcinoma cell line growth (cancer of an epithelium that originates in glandular tissue. Epithelial tissue includes, but is not limited to, the surface layer of skin, glands and a variety of other tissue that lines the cavities and organs of the body).

Further sesame oil contains antioxidants and heating the oil – which is traditional in Ayurveda – has been shown to increase the antioxidants potency. It is strongly recommended because it offsets the drying effect of Vata to the body and everyone can benefit from this daily routine.

Hippocrates said: “Leave your drugs in the pot at the pharmacy if you can’t cure your patient with food”


Ayurveda everyday tips 

Wake up early – To enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda make sure you rise up before dawn, say at around 4.30-5.00 am. This is the most fresh and pure time of the day. Grasp this freshness that is present in the air, so that you spend your rest of the day with positive vibes and energy.

Include Ayurveda – Eating If you want to stay ‘disease-free’ then have a close look at what you eat. Emphasize more on fresh, seasonal, organic fruits and vegetables. Stay away from oily-junk food, as far as possible. If you include ayurveda eating in your diet, then your body will start developing energy and help to clear toxics.


Restful sleep is important – Our body needs time to rejuvenate and to detoxify, and the best time for this process is sleeping. When we get good sleep, our inner cells work in harmony to strengthen our immune system and circulate vibrant energy throughout our body. To get good sleep, try taking a warm bath before bed and use essential oils such as lavender or sandalwood to calm you down. Complement this with slow and deep breathing.

Walk for better life – Go for a morning walk or just walk to take a break from a very stressful day at work. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. It provides mental, physical and emotional peace without straining your body.

Time Management – Construct a schedule of all the things that you will be doing throughout the day and stick to it. Sticking to a planned schedule will help to avoid disturbance and will create a mental, physical and emotional balance in your body.


Eliminate your toxins – As soon as you get up, try to clear your bodily toxins in the form of urine or poop. If you delay your excretion process, then indirectly you will be poisoning yourself which can further create chronic problems later in life. So maintain a schedule to get rid of dirt from your body.

Healthy herbs are important – Start using healthy herbs and spices like fresh ginger, turmeric, garlic, cumin seeds and black pepper in your cooking as far as possible. All these herbs have properties to reduce bad cholesterol, protect vital organs and trigger the body’s metabolism.


Hydrate yourself well – Drink sufficient amount of water every day. Water is the best source to flush out toxins from the body and to ensure smooth running of the digestion system.

Oil massage – Try oil massage every morning to safeguard yourself from wrinkles and other aging damage. Oil massage in the morning will prevent drying out of the tissues and nurtures your mind and body. Besides, it also gives a healthy looking complexion to your skin.

Exercise is essential – Include exercises like cycling, yoga or any other aerobic exercise in your daily regime.15 minutes of exercise will help to keep disease away, maintain your weight and will enhance your body’s blood circulation.



Meditate – Just disconnect yourself from the outer world by taking a break. Just sit down and close your eyes for few minutes. This technique will help to give you inner peace and you will feel healed after the session.

Do the milk therapy – If your frustrated because you are tirelessly shifting position because you are not getting sleep, in spite of a tiring day, then drink a glass of warm milk. This technique will help you to fall asleep quickly. Milk should be organic and free of additives, and boiled with a pinch of cardamom before it is drunk in order to make it easier to digest.

Make your own skin pack – Instead of using artificial skin products, opt in for totally naturally products on your skin. The best way to nourish your skin is by making your skin-packs by yourself. Make your skin-packs using those ingredients which are totally safe to eat like honey, rose water, cucumber, almonds, milk and yoghurt to moisturize your skin.

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Bond with nature – When you have a break, instead of spending time with your gadget spend time with flowers and trees. If you give up your gadgets for a day and surrender yourself to the nature, then the sense of connection with Mother Nature will soothe you and make you forget all your worries, problems and stress.