Yoga Ayurveda Therapy can help to improve your life when afflicted by the many dis-eases of modern society such as:- stress, anxiety, insomnia, injury, chronic illness, addictions, ageing and fertility etc

A personalised Yoga Therapy Program can empower you with simple tools that can bring you back into a state of balanced health and vitality. You will be taught and given your daily practice and recommendations in a digital format.

Traditionally Yoga and Ayurveda are practised together on an individual basis  – you are worth the best. Yoga Ayurveda is a science, a philosophy of life, a code of conduct, an attitude and an approach, as well as an art of living.

In a world that is spinning and tilted it is easy to lose our balance towards health.

As a Yoga Ayurveda Therapist I have over 3 decades of experience and training in both Australia and India. My health and vitality is supported by this proven tradition.

Zoe Campbell – Yoga Therapist

What does a Yoga Therapist do ?

A one-on-one Yoga Ayurveda Therapy consultation explores your life challenges. You will be taught and given a manageable everyday practice (with follow up monitoring, performance and tweaking) that addresses your daily rhythms, breathing, lifestyle, energy levels, peace of mind and sensory intake.

Some people are not suited to or can not attend a 1.5 hour group yoga class where all the students are doing the same exercise, and they could benefit with an individualised Yoga Therapy program designed to fit in with their lifestyle, strengths and limitations.

What I can help with

My training and experience in Yoga, Ayurveda, Teaching and Therapy has been ongoing in Australia and India (since 1985). This knowledge and experience has taught me to design personalised yoga therapy programs for all ages based on a consultation, physical assessment, individual constitution, lifestyle, observation and research.

PTSD Trauma, compulsive behaviours & addictions, pain management, restless legs, pre & post surgery, injuries, chronic illnesses, fertility, ageing, osteoporosis, bladder & bowels, dry eyes, insomnia, sluggish digestion, bloating, dry skin, skin rashes & acne, mental fog, menopausal quirks, repetitive strain injuries, technology strain, sore back, shoulders, neck pain, pre and post operations plus more. There is nothing a simple Yoga Ayurveda Therapy program can not assist with – Zoe Campbell


I have extensive experience in the computer industry in ergonomics, technology addiction as well as working with special needs areas and corporate clients.

Call Zoe today for more information on how a Yoga Ayurveda Therapy program can help you.

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